Order Cancellation System


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

1. Buyer Could request to cancel the order at any stage till order complete.

2. Once the Buyer requests a full or partial refund, the order will be on hold immediately.

3. Every Refund request must be reviewed by the seller. If there is no response within 3 days. the refund request will proceed to p2gamer admin team for approval refund request.

4. The buyer and seller must communicate via P2Gamer Live Chat System to solve any issue that may arise. Other communication method may not be a proper evidence.

5. The seller could reject a refund request from the buyer if the seller believe that the order is delivered or an agreement has been made with buyer.

6. After refund rejects from Seller, a buyer Could escalate the issue, the seller order page will be updated as a dispute, and P2gamer admin team will investigate it.

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