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Order Status & Cancellation Request

Pending Payment

When you place a new order, an email and alert will be sent to notify the seller. If you cancel the order at this new pending order stage, the cancellation request will be processed automatically by the system and subsequently refunded by P2Gamer. Depending on the refund method you selected, the time it takes to process the refund may vary: Refund to the payment source (such as Paypal or credit card): 72 hours on weekends and public holidays.

Verified by P2Guard

You will receive a notification update when verified by P2Gamer. This happens when the seller has viewed the general delivery info (eg: server name, quantity, etc). If you cancel the order at this stage, the order will not be canceled immediately because the request has to be approved by the seller. The order will be canceled automatically by the system if there is no response from the seller after 72 hours, or as soon as the seller has accepted your cancellation request

Delivery Confirmation

Once the seller has delivered the order, you may confirm the delivery and release the funds to the seller by clicking “Confirm Received” at the order page. The system will automatically confirm the delivery if you did not do so within 3 days upon delivery of your order.

Dispute & Issue Escalation

If there is any trading dispute or issue with the delivery (such as order not received), you may contact the seller and click on the “Refund” button and communicate with the seller to resolve the issue. Most of the issues are raised due to miscommunication and can be solved quickly between buyer and seller. We highly encourage the buyer and seller to communicate through the P2Gamer Live Chat system to solve the issue before raising a dispute it.

If a resolution cannot be reached and the seller rejects a refund request, you may click on the “File Dispute” button on my order section to seek mediation from the P2Gamer team. P2Gamer team may take up to 7 days to investigate and give a final decision on the matter.

You may click on “Confirm Received” again if you made a mistake in disputing the order, or when the issue has been resolved.

If there is a problem, you are not advised to contact GM and should always seek direct assistance from the seller or contact us with P2Gamer Live Chat system.

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