P2Guard Protection for Sellers

What does P2Guard cover for sellers?


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Sell your items at P2Gamer Marketplace with peace of mind and let P2Guard handle all necessary verification so you can solely focus on your trades.

Coverage provided to the seller under P2Guard:

1. Chargeback liability: This applies when a buyer is trying to file for an unauthorized refund (chargeback). Given that the seller can provide full delivery proof based on our services requirement, the seller will be fully reimbursed.

2. Your account and product listings must be in check with our Terms of Service to be covered under P2Guard.

What is not covered under P2Guard:

1. Product or services not as described

2. Non-delivery of order

3. Intentional fraud or scam – Seller’s account will be permanently suspended and P2Gamer reserves the right to recall all payments being disbursed to the seller and pursue legal action.

Proof of delivery:

1. All proof of delivery must be uploaded immediately after delivery is made.

2. For order amount higher than USD 500.00, the seller is required to keep a copy of the video proof.

3. For Account service, this includes the screenshot of account information such as login email and password, which you submitted through P2Gamer to the buyer.

3. For games that support email notification: Screenshots of such notifications indicating changes made to the sold account, such as login IP or device changes.

4. Any screenshots to validate the completion of transactions must also be included as proof.

5. For other game services, screenshots or video proof must consist of the buyer’s character ID, quantity before and after the delivery.


P2Gamer proactively monitors all activity of the Marketplace, but you can help to identify any suspicious activities by reporting it to us if you found any user violating our terms and policies, including any exploits, abuse or solicitation for private deals.

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